As an author, it is a rare and delightful opportunity to present interesting, refreshing and a delightful cornucopia of Asian art, artists, places, mixed with the latest trends and achievements in this field. Through this process, the reader is enlightened and rewarded with a deeper insight and more intimate behind-the-scenes look at this genre. This is a way for people to connect and special relationships can be developed in an ever-growing audience of young and old alike. 

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Tea: The Taste of Enlightenment
Kenneth Cohen and Howard Meyer

SDCHM.ORG Spring 2013

Life Force Without Limit
Paintings by Shantien Tom Chow

SDCHM.ORG Fall 2013

Sea of Ink: Calligraphic Expressions in America

AACBP.ORG Summer 2009

Painting by Ve-na Chen: A Day at the Lotus Pond

SDCHM.ORG Fall 2012

Liu Fang Yuan – Garden of Flowering Fragrance

SDCHM.ORG Winter 2010

Liu Fang Yuan – Garden of Flowering Fragrance

SDCHM.ORG Spring 2011

Dr. Alex Chuang
A Man of Inspiring Dreams

SDCHM.ORG Fall 2015

The Eight Immortals

SDCHM.ORG Spring 2018

Tyrus Wong in Art Studio

Fisherman’s Moon

SDCHM.ORG Summer 2013

A Forty-Year Photo Journal 
by Alex Chuang

SDCHM.ORG Fall 2012

Snow Fallings Among the Pines

SDCHM.OR Winter 2015

Spirit and Passion of Chinese Brush Painting 

SDCHM.ORG Spring 2010

Francis Wei: Symbols of Eternity
The Brush Art of Francis Wei

SDCHM.ORG Winter 2013

The Pine Tree
Painted by Professor I-Hsiung Ju 

Art and Poetry of
Dr. Catherine Yiu-Yu Cho Woo


Penglai is within your heart
Immortals flying home
Painting by Shantien Tom Chow

Warriors, Tombs and Temples

SDCHM.ORG Winter 2011

The Humble Administrator’s Garden

SDCHM.ORG Spring 2013

I. M. Pei Master of Modern Architecture

SDCHM.ORG Spring 2015

I.M. Pei: Six Examples of Architectural Genius

SDCHM.ORG Summer 2015

Seven Bowls of Tea
Calligraphy by Shantien Tom Chow

SDCHM.ORG Winter 2017

Chuang Yen Monastery
Carmel, New York

SDCHM.ORG Fall 2014

The Spirit of Chinese Scholars’ Rocks
Painting and Poem by Francis Wei

AACBP.ORG May 2018

Dreams of the Coral Island

SDCHM.ORG Summer 2012

Building a Bridge of Appreciation 
Pof. Zhou Bin at Chinese Museum

SDCHM.ORG Winter 2012

Howard and Chia-Shang Chen

SDCHM.ORG Fall 2011

Chia-Shang Chen
Painting of the Taiwanese Countryside