Today, I am committed to the joy of writing poetry. Becoming a weaver of words, transforming my imagination and inspiration into lyrical images and a joyful narrative has proven to be as rewarding as Chinese brush painting..

I am happy to introduce you to lines and stanzas excerpted from the Collected Poems of Howard Meyer.

Morning Glories
   Morning Glory
These dainty children of the dawn
Are awakened by day's earliest breath
I slowed and stepped lightly
As their elegant cups unfolded
Colors of purple, blue, white and red
Leaves, veins and curling tendrils climbing from their bed...

     Loving Lotus
The lotus is a symbol of summer
Her vibrant blossoms represent life and celebration
This writing was a joyous form of meditation
Quickly transformed into a journey of personal reflection
We are still imperfect; there is much to learn, everyone is a story unfinished...

Soft petals of purple are swaying in the breeze
Fragrant pendants hanging from nature's chandelier
Brightly colored butterflies flutter under this canopy of blossoms
A woven sense of natural wonder reminiscent of lavender lace...

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